Wine bottle corks

Wine bottle corks

Wine bottle corks

We seek to perfect the experience from opening the bottle to having the first sip. Choosing a suitable closure for your product is key in presenting and positioning your product on the marketplace. We offer a combination of impeccable design and quality based on the full PANTONE color range.

Product information:

  • Lacquered and lithographed aluminum sheet with a thickness of 0.22-0.24 mm
  • Sealant
  • Saranex or TIN foamed polyethylene with thickness 1.8 – 2 mm and density of 250 – 400 kg/m3

Cap colors:

  • PANTONE colors as desired by the clients.

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  • The whole team of Artemis Ltd. is proud of its innovation-oriented activity, resulting in the continuous introduction of new and original solutions for existing products and the expansion of the production list of offered products.


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