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"ARTEMIS" is Bulgarian-Greek family company established in 2005.

"ARTEMIS" is established by people with long-term experience in marketing and production of aluminum caps.

"ARTEMIS" is young and ambitious company with clear vision, achieving exceptional results throughout the years from its establishment till now.

"ARTEMIS" is specialized in marketing and production of aluminum caps for:

  • spirits
  • wines
  • edible oil, olive oil, water and  vinegar

"ARTEMIS" guarantees the quality and service of the produced products:

  • via strict adherence to the procedures and requirements of ISO 9001:2000
  • via constant improvement of the systems and procedures in our everyday work
  • via training with the aim of improvement of the fulfillment of the activities

"ARTEMIS" renders excellent service for its products:

  • via information system which automates the processes in the company
  • via assistance in the process of choosing the most suitable type of caps
  • via assistance in the design process
  • via technical assistance in choosing the equipment and its setting up
"ARTEMIS" has a young, professional and ambitious team aimed at servicing their LOVED clients . 
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